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Better data. Better outcomes.

Access millions of consumers’ permissioned commerce data to gather insights about your customers, precisely target audiences and measure outcomes in real-time.

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Attain Data Platform
Attain Data Platform
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A comprehensive data platform that drives outcomes…

Attain streamlines your workflow by allowing you to gather insights, activate media and measure outcomes, together in one place.

Attain Flywheel
Attain Flywheel

Learn about your current and next customer

Gather insights about your customers, including who they are and where, when and how they spend their money.

Attain Flywheel - Insights
Attain Flywheel - Insights

Seamlessly activate programmatic and social campaigns

Mix and match thousands of customers attributes to build audience segments, and activate media across all major DSPs, SSPs, and social channels.

Attain Flywheel - Activate
Attain Flywheel - Activate

Measure outcomes

Evaluate your audience’s transactions to prove outcomes and get clear visibility into return on ad spend and conversion rate.

Attain Flywheel - Measure
Attain Flywheel - Measure

…and so much more

Where other platforms lack depth, breadth and transparency, Attain provides access to consumer-permissioned transaction data to drive outcomes for your business

Addressable Panel

Survey consumers in real-time and activate on the results

Churn, Cross-purchasing & Switching

Identify and target customers with a certain lifetime value


Identify and target competitors’ customers

Consumer Profile

Activate a customer profile based on interests, demographics, life stages, brand affinities and past purchases

Loyalty & Lifetime Value

Identify and target the most/least loyal customers or new category buyers

Predictive Modeling

Predict and target potential customers who are likely to buy a product or service

This is how we do it

Our data portfolio includes bank transactions, loyalty account linking, receipt capture and survey responses. The best part? It’s all consumer-permissioned—so you have access to the best data now, and in the future.

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