Better data, better outcomes: How Attain provides access to opted-in consumer data, without sacrificing precision or privacy

Attain was founded with a strong focus on the future in response to unfair data-sharing practices, concerns about consumer privacy, frequent changes in regulation, and the ever-present risk of Big Tech disrupting traditional marketing practices. 

Today, consumers are demanding more from brands, and brands are demanding higher standards of efficiency. At the same time, Big Tech is answering to regulatory pressures by upending the ways marketers reach their customers and measure these efforts. The outcome? Marketers are left to navigate extreme complexity, like FLoC, or extreme simplicity like contextual targeting.

This got us thinking: What if we could provide marketers with permissioned data, without sacrificing precision or privacy? What if, instead of relying on subjective data points like demographics, interests and self-reported opinions, marketers could leverage a 360-degree view of purchasing behavior across all verticals and channels? And use that information to find, target and measure untapped audiences.

Attain is our solution. Powered by a financial services app, retail loyalty account linking, and SKU-level APIs, Attain has built a real-time, passive purchase panel that spans all channels and verticals. Our data is cookieless and permissioned by design. This enables Attain to offer an end-to-end product suite that empowers companies to learn through consumer insights, activate on those learnings with custom audiences, and measure their outcomes well into the future.

Simply put, we provide permissioned data to help meet your customers at the right time in their purchasing journeys, driving conversions and earning loyalty.

Market trends will change, prices will rise and fall — but customers can last a lifetime. With user consent topping brands’ list of engagement priorities, you need a data partner you can trust , and knows privacy and personalization don’t have tobe mutually exclusive.

Watch this space as we continue to share our obsession with all things customer-focused, marketing-driven, and data-based. In addition to forthcoming product announcements and company news, we’ll be offering expert takes on industry trends along with exclusive tips for marketers looking to get in on the action. Stay tuned!

About Attain

Attain is a comprehensive consumer data platform for marketers that provides them with access to first-party commerce data of millions of consumers who have opted-in and given their permission. Attain’s platform empowers its partners to leverage better data for insights, programmatic media and measurement — ultimately driving better business outcomes.