Consumer Profile

Consumer Profile

Act on consumer research and build customer profiles from thousands of data variables covering psychographics, demographics, life stages, interests, brand affinities and past purchases.

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Consumer Profile
Consumer Profile
  • Switching
  • Churn
  • RFM Loyalty
    RFM Loyalty
  • Addressable Panel
    Addressable Panel
  • Predictive modeling
    Predictive modeling
  • Conquesting


Data moves fast—we help you stay ahead of it

Addressable Panel

Survey consumers in real-time and activate on the results


Churn, Cross-purchasing & Switching

Identify and target customers with a certain LTV



Identify and target competitors’ customers


Loyalty & Lifetime Value

Identify and target the most/least loyal customers or new category buyers


Predictive Modeling

Predict and target potential customers who are likely to buy a product or service

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Get the insights, activation and measurement capabilities you need from the most powerful commerce data platform.