Part 1: Retail Media Giants Have Tunnel Vision, But Brands Have a Way Out

Retail media networks have access to the hottest marketing commodity in 2023: first-party purchase data, and an audience with high purchase intent. Yet their purview is limited to a small slice of purchase behavior, preventing a holistic view of consumers’ wallets.

That’s according to Attain CEO Brian Mandelbaum, who recently shared his remarks on the MarTech Podcast in part one of a two-part series. To hear Mandelbaum tell it, by working with RMNs, brands have access to privacy-safe, measurable data, yet brands are still operating within a retail walled garden. “A retailer has their walls, physical location, and e-commerce,” said Mandelbaum. “So that means they only understand the people that are shopping within their walls, even though they have their own treasure trove of data.”  

For brands, the importance is in using commerce data from companies such as Attain to transcend the so-called walls of retail media networks, enabling them to measure incrementality across any merchant, and better understand and reach consumers beyond the confines a single retailer’s data. “We’re seeing transactions that are happening at Amazon and Walmart. We’re seeing transactions that are happening at Sephora and McDonald’s,” said Mandelbaum. “That is way different [than retail media networks]. It’s a wider aperture for a marketer to be able to understand and more importantly measure what the true incremental output of their marketing efficacy is.” 

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