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Looking to protect your programmatic campaigns from future signal loss?

See why advertisers choose Attain's permissioned commerce data to drive outcomes.

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Programmatic - Conquesting
Programmatic - Conquesting

Commerce data on all verticals, all retailers, all purchase touchpoints

Get historical and real-time merchant and product-level spending behavior on millions of consumers
Commerce data on all verticals, all retailers, all purchase touchpoints

Real-time attribution, faster optimizations

Measure campaign performance based on real sales data, and access ROAS and conversion rates during the campaign, not after

Activate anywhere, measure everywhere

Cookieless identifiers and first-party sales data enable flexible activation and measurement across major DSP, SSP and social platforms—no integrations required.

Cookieless, opted-in first party data

Commerce and panel data sourced transparently and with explicit permission from our panelists, in exchange for financial services, protect against future signal loss.

Data-driven outcomes

User commerce data for real-time optimizations and future campaign strategies, to understand who converted, provide strategic direction or uncover opportunities for audience segmentation.

Free insights

Access opted-in commerce data for free, including valuable personally identifiable information like race, gender, ethnicity, and more, to connect people to purchases, inform audience strategy, get competitive insights, and uncover whitespace opportunities.

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